Sunday, September 20, 2009

Jack Eulogy September 19, 2009

Jack knew how how to live life to the fullest, he was commited to it. I willl forever be inspired by that quality....

My name is Lisa Gould, I met Jack 10 summers ago at Peter’s Pond. He was one of the very first people I met when I visited the first time….I had forgotten that …. he reminded me on Monday as we were sitting in his room watching a lone sailboat criss cross the pond.
I remember he immediately treated me as if I’d always been there and we quickly formed an easy and comfortable repore. I’d tease and joke with him, the more he did the more he loved me. He would come to our house for dinner some Friday night’s and if I were feeling fiesty I’d serve broccoli, it was just about the only thing he wouldn’t eat, he knew that I knew it.

The years passed and some things changed, but others didn‘t...Jack didn't. Life on the pond is mostly quiet and slow. Jack and Ellie relished the visits from Jim and Sue, and were always excited for days ahead when they knew they were coming. Jack loved having company…. the more the better and never looked happier then when he was surrounded by lots of family and friends. The addition of Derek and then Hannah made his life complete. He’d often said he couldn’t wait for grandchildren and was the expected proud grandfather when each of them arrived. He lived his days from one visit with them to the next, as soon as they’d leave he’d be wondering when they were coming again, planning for the next visit.

He was the patriarch at the pond, the oldest of the men, and even though I only began to know him in the autumn of his life his spirit was full and alive. Something is missing now, something we can’t get back. The pond won’t be the same, Jack has passed and he’ll be sorely missed. Time will heal our wounds but we will never forget. Friday nights will forever be filled with stories of him and the passionate games of cribbage we all played together. We will keep him in our hearts and our minds and remember him that way.

I’d never sailed before, but had always wanted to learn. When I asked him if I could borrow his sunfish , he said “take it….have fun!” I did…the first couple of times I floundered, tipped it over, couldn’t catch the wind right, ended up in the buoy lines. Every time he’d be sitting on his deck watching, and every time he’d tell me, next time you’ll get it. I eventually did. He always encouraged my efforts no matter what they were, told me I could do it when I thought it was impossible. He was just like that…sitting watching that sailboat with him on Monday afternoon was very special…. for both of us I think. A lone sailor taking a journey on the water. It's where I imagine he is now. Starting a brand new voyage. I’m touched and honored that I was invited to share in such a special part of his life. Thank you Ellie, Jim and Sue. God Bless you Papa Jack, may you rest in peace.

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