Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Cleanup Detail

Every and all effort was made to accommodate the requests you made for beach cleanup dates. Priority was given to those who paid their dues and returned their forms most quickly. For those who didn't return your slips I added you the to cleanup where and when you were most needed. Please feel free to switch dates amongst yourselves if there is a conflict. If you can't do the cleanup on the day you were assigned please let me know.
Thank you,
~Lisa Gould~

July 4th- Wrights, Cochran's, Newtons
July 11th- Barter/Matteson, Tirrell, Edson
July 18th- Cellini, Hatt, Dennis
July 25th- McIntosh, Martinez, Cotter
August 1st- Lucca, Miller, Powers
August 8th- Salvucci, Leone, Cutting
August 15th- Wilmot, Borden, Manning
August 22nd- Magee, Spiro, Oborsky/Gould
August 29th- Tucci, Lambros, Finch
Beach cleanup entails
#1 Emptying the garbage cans on the beach and lower grove
and replacing garbage bags. New bags are kept in teh horseshoe house.
#2 Cleanup any litter from the beach and lower grove areas.
#2 Rake debris from the beach as needed.
All PPA Children are to help with beach cleanup every week.
Beach cleanup begins at 9am.

June 27, 2009 Start of Summer meeting

Peter's Pond Associatioin Minutes of June 27, 2009

Lisa Gould called the meeting to order at 11:02am

A quorum was met with 19 members present. Ellie Tirrell, Eva Hatt, Michael & Lisa Gould, Steve McIntosh, Jan Leone, Laurie Leone, Angie Wright, Pam Wilmot, Bill Barter, Debra Matteson, Suzanne MacMichael, Paul Manning, Dave & Diane Cochran, Joan Tucci, Bruce & Daurie Oborsky and Mary Carey.

Laurie Leone read the minutes of the 8/30/08 meetings secretary's report. Motion made and accepted.
Jan Leone read treasurers report. Motion made and accepted.

Old Business
Lisa Gould made a motion to accept Bill Barter as Vice President. All in favor no opposed.
Suzanne MacMichael volunteered to be Auditor. All in favor no opposed.
Lisa Gould volunteered to remain president. All in favor no opposed.

New Business
Raft-Michael Gould said the raft would be put in forth of July weekend. Any and all volunteers are encouraged to contact Mike Gould Saturday morning to see what the plan for contruction and launch will be.
Speed Bumps Michael Gould said that speed bumps would be installed possibly this afternoon. Again any and all help is appreciated.
Kids Day Angie Wright reported that Kid's day would be held on Sunday July 5th at 10am with a rain date of July 12.
Family Social The family social will be held on August 18th with a rain date of the 22nd.
Playground Lisa reported that the playground committee earned $87 through the collection of cans and bottles over the winter. She also noted that since there are no longer any small children in the neighborhood she felt it was time to pass on the plastic playground equipment. All in favor, no opposed. Note: The were freecycled and picked up yesterday afternoon by a young father with 5 small children. They will continue to be enjoyed.
Beautification Lisa reported that the tree planted last year in Uncle Andy's memory had not survived the winter. Jan will check the reciept and see if it's within the one year period allowed by the nursery to obtain a replacement/refund.

Lisa welcomed new members Paul Manning and Steve and Donna Powers.

The Gould family volunteered to purchase the lawmower equipment approved last summer for the grove.

Jan reported the poor conditions of the signs at the entrance to both Park and East Rds. Michael Gould volunteered to do what he could to repair them and requested help from anyone willing.

Lisa asked that we remember Mary Carey's sister (Judy Lambros' mother) and Earl Bradford who both passed away this past spring

Laurie Leone made a motion to adjorn the meeting, seconded by Suzanne MacMichael.
Meeting was adjorned at 11:21am.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

June 27, 2009 Beach cleanup and Start of summer meeting

Finally the official start of summer here at the pond and it even feels like it for a change. The weather here has been miserable and it feels like this is really the first warm sunny day so far. I'm sitting in the Grove waiting for it to be meeting time. We had an amazing turn out for beach cleanup and were finished much earlier then we expected. In attendance were the Wright family, the Oborsky's, Lambros', Leone's, Gould's, Matteson's, Powers', Wilmot's, Cochran's, Newton's, Manning's , McIntosh's,MacMichael's, Cutting's and Tucci' I said a great turn out...if I forgot anybody please forgive me, post a comment and I'll be happy to add you! If this keeps up we'll make beach cleanup at 8am next year and the meeting at 9:30..hopefully we'll have a good showing at the meeting as well.