Sunday, June 28, 2009

Beach Cleanup Detail

Every and all effort was made to accommodate the requests you made for beach cleanup dates. Priority was given to those who paid their dues and returned their forms most quickly. For those who didn't return your slips I added you the to cleanup where and when you were most needed. Please feel free to switch dates amongst yourselves if there is a conflict. If you can't do the cleanup on the day you were assigned please let me know.
Thank you,
~Lisa Gould~

July 4th- Wrights, Cochran's, Newtons
July 11th- Barter/Matteson, Tirrell, Edson
July 18th- Cellini, Hatt, Dennis
July 25th- McIntosh, Martinez, Cotter
August 1st- Lucca, Miller, Powers
August 8th- Salvucci, Leone, Cutting
August 15th- Wilmot, Borden, Manning
August 22nd- Magee, Spiro, Oborsky/Gould
August 29th- Tucci, Lambros, Finch
Beach cleanup entails
#1 Emptying the garbage cans on the beach and lower grove
and replacing garbage bags. New bags are kept in teh horseshoe house.
#2 Cleanup any litter from the beach and lower grove areas.
#2 Rake debris from the beach as needed.
All PPA Children are to help with beach cleanup every week.
Beach cleanup begins at 9am.

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